Eric strives to tell stories with value. To shed light on people and lifestyles that reject the norms of society. To challenge the viewer to see the world differently, to think about themselves differently.

Julio Hancco is a guardian of biodiversity, critical to the survival of humanity. He represents a people, a culture, and way of life that is being lost to modernization. Will their culture survive? Or will it all be lost with the last Potato King?

A secret spot in Baja California, hundreds of miles from civilization. A old milk van converted into the perfect surfing mobile. A 67-year old man, at the peak of his physical fitness and in line with mother nature every step of the way. "The Bull" is the award-winning story of San Diego surfing legend Glen Horn and his journey to a unconventional lifestyle.

After losing his father at an early age, Julio always saw things differently. He started to question the treatment of his own people, and wondered how he could help. This is the story of Julio Cesar Nina and his mission to liberate small farmers through his dream, the Eco Huella Farm.

Learn about the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development and their revolutionary experiential learning programs in the Andes mountains of Peru.

Life as a 3-Year-Old in St. Joseph, MI. Music: "Done Wonder" by Michale Nau

A Nigerian-American artist works to find success in the music industry. Listen to the debut EP "O"available now on all digital retailers and Soundcloud.

This is Zayareth. She received a degree in dance, dances for a living, and teaches dance to school children. One of her relatives once told her that her name means "God of Dance" in a indigenous Mexican tongue, although she's never been able to verify that. You can't make this stuff up.

On My Mind Official Music Video

Life as a two-year old in St. Joe, Michigan.

24 Look like 48 Official Music Video